General Questions

Hidden Rod Pocket (HRP) valances are modern valances that look like they are installed on a board but are usually installed using either a 2 ½” or a 4 ½” continental curtain rod. The rod pocket is hidden from view on the back of the valance which allows for a wider variety of styles than a traditional rod pocket valance would have.

Not every type of valance can translate into a HRP valance style. Valances that have a lot of folds such as swags, Kingston valances and balloon valances are not suitable for the HRP system of hanging a valance.

Click through on the “Get A Custom Quote” button that is located in several places on this website. Use the form to provide me with with your contact information and with information about your window(s), valance style and fabrics and then I will contact you with your custom quote information.

Once you have agreed to the details of the custom quote (finished valance widths/sizes, fabric amounts, and labor/shipping costs) I will send you an invoice through PayPal for you to pay using their payment processor (you do not have to have your own PayPal account). If you prefer to pay using a personal check, I will email you the invoice instead so that you can send the check when you ship your fabrics to me. (However the check will need to clear before any work has been started).

The most important measurement that I need is the width measurement from one outside edge of the window frame to the other outside edge. Additional measurements may be requested if the window is part of a bay window set or a set of corner windows.

HRP valances are usually installed using either 2 ½” or 4 ½” continental (flat) rods. However when necessary the rod pocket can be adapted for use with other rod types too, but there is an additional charge for this service.

If there is already an existing rod installed at the window then you would just measure the rod from one end to the other end and give me the width measurement of the rod, plus you would let me know the size of the returns also.

The depth of a return is how far the front of the valance sticks out from where it is attached to the brackets that connect the rod to the wall. Most continental rods have adjustable return sizes of 3 ½” to 5” but larger return sizes are also available when needed. (Usually needed if draperies/curtains will be installed under the valances.)

Once I have the information from the Request A Quote form, I can use it to calculate exactly how much fabric will be needed for your order and I will message you to give you the information.

Each product listing has the valance length details listed on it. For valances with shaped lower edges or with jabots there will be 2 lengths listed, a scallop/section length and a side length. Valances that are straight across will have just one length listed. All valance styles can be made 2” longer (at no extra charge) by requesting this when ordering. There will be an extra charge for length changes that are over 2” longer though.

There are several HRP valance styles that can be constructed for use on bay windows, corner windows etc.. Just mention the need for this when you’re filling out the Request A Quote Form.

The valances are lined using either a white or ivory 50% cotton/50% poly blend of lining. When needed, interlining can also be added to the valances and for several styles blackout lining can be used instead of the regular lining. However there is an additional charge for this so mention your preference when you request a quote.

Interlining is a soft, flannel-like fabric that is placed between the fabric and lining of valances/drapery. Interlinings add to a quality look, give weight, protect from fading and help to insulate when used in curtain panels. Valances that will be made from thin quilt-weight fabrics and silks/mock silks will need to be interlined in order for the valances to be heavy enough to hang properly. If this is needed for the fabrics that you have selected for your valances you will be notified. As there is an additional charge for this.

Medium weight home decor fabrics that are 54” wide work the best. Indoor/outdoor fabrics tend to be very stiff to use but can be used on select valance styles. Upholstery fabrics tend to be too thick to use but that also depends on which valance style that you choose. Feel free to contact me for assistance in selecting the proper types of fabrics.

Yes I can make matching pillow covers to coordinate with your valances. The pillow covers can have plain edges or they can have corded edges. The pillow covers are usually sized to finish 1” smaller than the insert that will be used with the cover, so that they will fit snugly. They have invisible zipper closures.

While I have several different styles of MOCK ROMAN Shade Hidden Rod Pocket® Valances (that are stationary) I don’t make the shades that move up and down.

My absolute goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your order. If for some reason a problem does arise, I am more than willing to work with you to make sure that you are happy. However I do not offer refunds on custom orders.


*Please contact me within 5 days of receiving your order if there are any problems.

* If you have a problem tell ME ( so I can make it right! )

* If you don’t have any problems and you love my products please feel free to tell EVERYONE! )

5.3% sales tax will be added to orders placed by VA residents.

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