Collaboration Often Sparks Creativity

Here are a few designs that I’ve specially created for customers when they needed something extra added to a current design or something designed especially for their specific window situations. When working on a possible new Hidden Rod Pocket valance design, I like to draw the design out on graph paper to see if it will actually work for the windows. The to-scale drawing also helps me to figure out the correct lengths of the sections before making the custom pattern for the valance style. . 

For this valance the customer sent me a drawing of the style that she had wanted for her son’s room. His father was in the military so everything was centered around the patch in the center of the valance.


 The small valance in the drawing above was actually what led me to design the RENEE Hidden Rod Pocket valance style. The customer had several small windows and then a much wider window to cover over the sink. I loved working with the farmhouse toile!

Shaped BOX PLEATED Hidden Rod Pocket Valance

This style was decided on because main the fabric was an upholstery fabric that was too thick to do most valance styles. Since it was to go over a triple window, we decided to mimic the window style and to use only 3 wide sections for the valance with just a slightly scalloped lower edge.

I offered this valance design choice to my customer because the medallions on the desired fabric were so large that I thought that they needed to be showcased in the center of each valance. Plus the side window widths were almost exactly half the size of the center window which meant that using 2 sections for the center valance would work perfectly for the proportions.

The addition of the narrow banding near the bottom of the EMILEE Hidden Rod Pocket valance worked perfectly to frame the birds in the center of each section

These DANIELLE Hidden Rod Pocket valances looked totally different just by adding a wide banding to the lower edges and by making them a bit longer than usual.

The addition of some grey ready made trim was all that was needed to add a pop of color to these solid white BOX PLEATED Hidden Rod Pocket valances.

This new valance style came about when I had a customer that loved the MAISON Hidden Rod Pocket valance style but needed two similar valances in an adjoining room that had to have long jabots at each end. Until then the idea had never crossed my mind but after drawing out a quick sketch I figured out that it would work perfectly for her window widths. So now my customers will have an added option to have a MAISON Hidden Rod Pocket valance with JABOTS.

Through communication and collaboration with my customers, I have the opportunity to create designs that suit their specific tastes. It means a lot to me that my Hidden Rod Pocket valance designs actually help to solve problems that they have when looking for custom valances to fit their windows!

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