Details Matter!

To me, the details are one of the most important things that separate custom valances from ready-made ones. Without them, there really isn’t much reason to go custom anyway, is there? Each time that I make one of my Hidden Rod Pocket® valances, I try to focus on each and every aspect of the valance design. Although my valance styles may range from the basic JACKIE valance to the over-the-top BLOSSOM valance, there is one thread that ties everything together: and that’s the details!

A Bevy of Blossoming Beauties


If you look closely at my photos you will notice that my returns are lined with either the main fabric or the contrast fabric. That’s because I don’t want the lining to be seen when you are looking at the sides of the valances while they are hanging at your windows. I add micro-cording to the lower edge of almost all of my valance styles. It serves a dual purpose: besides finishing off the lower edge nicely, it also keeps the lining from hanging down and showing from the front of the valance.

Closeup of ANNA Hidden Rod Pocket valance details


The contrast banding along the top of the valance, gives a little extra pop of color and is a integral part of what makes each valance look like it is mounted on a board.

Custom EMILEE Hidden Rod Pocket valance, photo taken just before shipping.


I love to add banding and buttons too, but I think that one of my favorite design details is when the horns extend higher than the top of the valance. I love the “something extra” that it gives to the BUNNY EARS and TOP HAT Hidden Rod Pocket® valances!

TOP HAT Hidden Rod Pocket Valance /BUNNY EARS Hidden Rod Pocket Valance

So that’s why details matter, at least to me. I would love to know your thoughts on the subject and to hear about problems that you have had trying to find nice valances for your windows. Hopefully I can help you to solve some of them.

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