Custom Hidden Rod Pocket valance with JABOTS and arched center

Creating Custom Valances For Wide Windows

I consider making my Hidden Rod Pocket valances for wide windows to be one of my specialties. I’ve been told by many of my customers about the challenges they have faced when they were looking for valances online to fit their wide windows. Even though they could find valance styles that they liked, if they were board-mounted, usually they were only available in sizes to fit single or double sized windows. Frequently they ended up purchasing ready-made rod pocket valances, but then they had to use multiple valances, side by side, to end up with something wide enough to cover the width of their rods.

Before picture of breakfast nook with 5 ready-made valances use to cover the expanse of windows.Before: Customer had to use 5 ready-made valances to cover the extra wide set of windows

This solution was okay at times, but since ready-made valances aren’t usually pattern matched, they still didn’t work that well since each valance could look different when hanging side by side. Plus they also could’ve been cut from different pieces of fabric which might make each valance end up being slightly different in color. Since my valances are constructed to fit your exact window width, there’s no longer a need to worry about finding window treatments that can fit your wide windows.

Custom PEYTON Hidden Rod Pocket valance installed in a breakfast nook.
After: Windows with PEYTON Hidden Rod Pocket Valance installed. The valance was custom designed to be installed in 3 pieces but to look like 1 continuous custom valance.


When I first started designing my Hidden Rod Pocket valance styles, the value of being able to work with wide windows never really crossed my mind. I was just focused on my dream of breathing new life into traditional rod pocket valance design. I found that the continental (wide pocket) rod would be the perfect rod to work with, and it was already out there in millions of homes, just waiting for a new updated valance to be installed on it.

ANNA Hidden Rod Pocket valance constructed for 110" window in living room.
Custom ANNA Hidden Rod Pocket Valance constructed to fit a 110″ window.


BOX PLEATED Hidden Rod Pocket Valance with Banded Lower Edges in a nursery.
This custom BOX PLEATED Hidden Rod Pocket Valance with Banded Lower Edges adds beauty to a nursery


It wasn’t long before I realized that my wide width valances were solving decorating dilemmas for so many of my customers. Now they could have matching custom valances for ANY size of window, or sliding door, etc.. that they had in their home. When I am making multiple valances for a customer’s home, I make sure that the patterns are matched for every valance in the order. I want the look of the valances to be professional and cohesive, from the first valance to the last!

Window valances ideas for office decor.
See how the prints match from valance to valance on these custom EMILEE Hidden Rod Pocket Valances


119" inside mounted and 48" outside mounted PEYTON Hidden Rod Pocket Valances.
Custom PEYTON Hidden Rod Pocket valances with JABOTS. These are examples of how I make sure that the print matches when there are multiple valances in a room.


Working with wide windows often gives me the chance to be even more creative. Sometimes I collaborate with my customers to come up with new designs for their windows.

Custom Hidden Rod Pocket valance with JABOTS and arched center
This ARCHED Hidden Rod Pocket valance with Slim JABOTS was constructed to fit a 70″ window. This is a custom design but it is available by request. Valance was interlined.


Now that I have a new home and also a new workroom space, I’ve finally been able to experiment with some of the design ideas that I have been wanting to try.

Kitchen window valance with jabots, CASEY Hidden Rod Pocket valance
For the kitchen in my new home, I decided to get creative and added JABOTS to a CASEY Hidden Rod Pocket valance design.


I’m glad that my Hidden Rod Pocket valances can help to solve at least one of the many problems that are found when trying to decorate your home. It takes a bit of work but I am sure that you will be able to make your home beautiful, one window at at time!






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